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floridaWhen it comes to making a decision about where to live, the three main considerations are often: housing, education and employment.  In this article, we look at how Florida fares on these issues.

According to data collected by Florida Realtors 2012, in September of this year sales of homes I the state remained on a “year-over-year growth streak.” Indeed, the figures are actually even better than what they were for the same time period last year.    Over 18,000 single homes were sold throughout the state in September 2013 and there was an increase in the median home price to $170,000, which is 17 percent higher than last year.  so that’s good news for Florida housing.

Moving on to education in the region the Bay Education Foundation of Bay County, FL recently recognized Doral Bank for the company’s “financial and volunteer support to assist Bay County middle school and high school students to be in a position to pursue a college education.”   Doral Bank has been beneficial for the education of the state.  In a recent ceremony, Bay Education Foundation’s executive director said, “Doral Bank changes lives. Doral's financial support of our scholarship program and the volunteer hours that bank employees contribute assist us in helping many students.”  In addition, the bank recently gave a $7,500 donation to the Foundation's ‘Take Stock in Children’ program, that awards college tuition scholarships to promising students from low-income households.

When it comes to the current situation of employment in the region, of course, this is impacted by housing and education and vice versa. The three aspects act interdependently of each other.

According to the ADP Regional Employment Report employment numbers in the state of Florida for October 2013were high.  8,580 private sector jobs (in the fields of construction, transportation, construction and utilities) alone were added during this time frame. As well, together with California, Texas, Ohio and New York, Florida posted the largest job gains during the month, nationwide.  This figure is an increase of .13 percent.

So in general, statistics and reports have shown that the state of Florida is boasting a relatively high quality of life if being measured by housing, education and employment.

In today’s strapped economy, many struggling homeowners have difficulty selling their properties. Oftentimes, those in need of immediate cash flow will find themselves selling their properties at a substantial discount.  The real estate research firm Radar Logic, for instance, estimates that the discount that sellers face at the moment averages approximately 40%-.

Helping those in need, companies like Transcendent Investment Management with Jordan Kavana offer a balanced strategy.  While purchasing properties from banks, courts and other sources, TIM can purchase and sell single-family homes, condominiums and multi-family properties while also purchasing properties for rental.

As TIM explains, “This provides capital gains balanced with a stable cash flow from a portfolio of value-priced hard assets.”  Transcendent earns its returns by serving as a capital provider for distressed properties and best in class investment manager across the country. Their knowledgeable team finds high absolute return investments in real estate that show fundamental value, a favorable risk-return profile and an identifiable exit.