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Mortgages can be financially draining and intimidating for people.  But having a mortgage is the way to get ahead on the property ladder.  Doral Bank offers various mortgage options to make things easier.  With its focused, expert team, Doral Mortgage ensures the mortgage rate is upheld up to 30 days following approval.  That is a guarantee Doral offers.


Doral Mortgage prides itself on its personalized and expert customer service; professional supervision of bankruptcy, executions and loss mitigation; accessible payment center.  In addition, knowledge is power.  Thus Doral Bank is committed to giving its clients the know-how to keep their home.


Indeed, to date, Doral Bank has helped more than 30,000 families keep their home.  Its Loss Mitigation Program has tools that have helped such people who are behind on their payment due to loss of earnings, etc.  Doral Bank gives advice on: payment plans, modifications, short sales, and deed-in-lieu as alternative ways of helping its clients.



Recent news has indicated that Florida’s housing sector has gained the attraction of foreign buyers, specifically from Latin America.  Christopher Wood, Managing Director of CLSA  (Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia), is hesitant to use this information too flippantly though since the average US citizen has not encountered a substantial increase in income.  Wood is somewhat of an expert in this field, having been “consistently voted best strategist in Asia’s leading industry polls,” in his provision of “award-winning coverage of global equity markets.” It should also be noted that international investment professionals and the media wholly commend his weekly ‘Greed & fear’ column.

Wood also points to the other issues on the table.  Many people will continue paying rent rather than buying because of the flexibility it provides.  In an analysis of today’s mortgages rates however, buying is usually less expensive vis-à-vis monthly payments.  Thus the feeling remains that the country’s residential investment real estate is in an optimistic upswing.  According to the CPI shelter index, rents have increased by 4.4 percent which is having an impact on the country’s CPI inflation numbers since shelter expenses account for 31 percent of its CPI basket and 41 percent of CPI’s core.