Monthly Archives: April 2017

Various industries in the state of Florida are currently thriving.  as a result of the addition of many jobs, the housing market is benefiting substantially as well.  In particular, in January 2017 the state added more private sector jobs than any other states in America.  In addition, this was the 21st consecutive month of Florida being ahead of Texas in job creation, with 50,700 new positions.

Vis-à-vis the impact on housing, statewide median sale prices for single homes in January increased by 10.1 percent to $220,000 from the year earlier of $199,000. This was facilitated by the fact that new building permits had been issued (12 percent of the entire country’s building permits).

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott pointed out:

 “As more and more companies choose to invest in our state, we also continue to see improvements in other parts of the economy, such as the housing market. We must keep fighting for Florida jobs and investing in proven tools that help our economy like Enterprise Florida and VISIT FLORIDA.”