Investing in US Real Estate? Check Florida First

When making an investment in real estate, it is vital to check out locations first.  Currently – for those looking to put  money into US real estate – Florida seems like a pretty good bet.  With a market share of 22 percent, Florida seems to be the top choice for foreign purchasers.

Global investment in property purchases is increasing.  According to the Florida Realtors Trade Group, this has been encountered most notably over the last 12 months with around $24.2 billion for July 2017 – a staggering $5 billion more than July 2016.

In first place (within Florida) came Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, cornering 52.6 percent of the market share, which was .5 percent more than last year.  So far this year, international investors have increased by $24.2 billion within the state (which is quite a bit more than last year’s number of $19.5 billion). This also accounted for the highest amount spent on this investment nationwide.

Miami has attracted a lot of interest from Colombian investors who have led the real estate purchasing search for 7 consecutive months.  Foreign investors have followed suit, selecting the area due to its amenability for businesses, top-level educational opportunities, prestigious  waterfront location and global/domestic transportation access.