When it comes to the enhancement of quality of life, being cognizant of local health and wellness services is a great first step.  Since the elderly often have different needs to other demographics, finding geriatricians and other specialist doctors is crucial.

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs has a whole range of useful programs and services including:  help with Alzheimer’s, Nutrition, information on the Older Americans Act, Medicaid Long Term Care Services, Elder Abuse Prevention Program and more.

The mission of the Department is: “To help Florida’s elders remain healthy, safe and independent.”  Given that “Florida is home to nearly 5.2 million residents age 60 and older and currently ranks first in the nation for the 65+ populations,” it is essential that focus is given to this demographic and assistance provided where possible.

With the ultimate establishment of the Office of Public and Professional Guardians, any vulnerable Floridians and their families will be offered additional protection.

Since many elderly people live in Florida (ranked by WalletHub among the top states for retirees last year based), we like to focus on health and wellness for that demographic here as well. Finding the right physicians can be as time consuming as finding the best accommodation, so research has to be undertaken.  Here, we will look at eye care and the elderly with a focus on one specialist in the area: Dr. Alan Mendelsohn MD. F.A.C.S. – Miami Ophthalmologist.

Having been an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon in Broward County for more than two decades, Mendelsohn has become an expert in his treatment of a variety of eye-related issues, which are especially common as one ages.  His list includes: cataracts, corneal surgery, glaucoma and ophthalmology.  Having graduated from Northwestern University’s Honors Program in medical education, he was thereafter honored by the Heed Ophthalmic Foundation as one of America’s 10 most outstanding ophthalmologists.  Further, Dr. Alan Mendelsohn has received Heed’s “Top Doctor” Award for 12 consecutive years and his colleagues have termed him a “Doctor’s Doctor.”

As one ages, it becomes increasingly necessary to make regular specialist doctor appointments.  The earlier one detects conditions like diabetic eye and glaucoma via physicians such as Mendelsohn, the more treatable they are.