Upmarket Living for Elderly in Florida

old-peopleAmerican House is developing a construction community for seniors in Bonita Springs, in Florida. The American House Senior Living Communities, architected by Progressive Associates contains 88 one- and two-bedroom units, and also two-bedroom apartments with a den. The entire project is valued at $13.8 million.

According to Joe Passkiewicz, Senior VP of Development this project will be providing “really upscale independent senior living….[featuring] , concierge service, dining facilities and a large veranda that offers seating for outdoor dining, with a kitchen/grill [and more].” There will be an outdoor swimming pool, putting green and bocce ball court, exercise room, spa and massage room, full restaurant service, and covered parking over 26 acres close to the Imperial River.

But there could be some issues with this for seniors. According to some studies, in 2016, rising costs of living could make things very difficult for people in South Florida, especially the elderly. Because of the following three factors, senior citizens will get hit hard in their pockets. These are: there will be no annual increase in Social Security benefits; there is likely to be an escalation in the deductible for their Medicare coverage; and many Medicare beneficiaries will have to pay a lot more in their monthly premiums.

So while this Florida home looks fantastic, it just might be one of the cases in which the old adage of ‘too good to be true,’ can be put in place.