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homesAn additional 1.5 million new residents and nearly .5 million new homes have reached the coastal communities of Florida over the last ten years. According to a report put out by The Miami Herald, the good news is that construction companies there are responding to the hurricanes and building accordingly. In other words, even though there are so many more properties, there shouldn’t be the worry about construction and natural disasters. Indeed, since the enactment of the building code of 2002 – which was a response to Hurricane Andrew – new structures have to undergo stringent inspections and are erected with shatter-proof glass and straps which bolster the connection between roof and walls.

However, one thing hasn’t changed. There clearly isn’t that much additional confidence in the added measures taken vis-à-vis construction. It appears that insurance premiums remain at the same level, with homeowners in the region paying around twice the amount of the national average.