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propertyAccording to Freedie Mac, “the South Florida housing market continues to rate favorably on a national housing scale.” Indeed parts of the region actually went up by 14 percent from last year.

In addition, year-over-year, the entire state of Florida came out as “the most improving state,” enjoying a percentage increase of 14.47. Oregon came in next at 12.2 percent so this record for Florida is most noteworthy.

For those concerned about what will be in 2016, Florida Atlantic University professor Ken Johnson (who is also a real estate economist) said “in a worst-case scenario, South Florida prices will fall flat in 2016, and homes will sit on the market longer. [Even with this] people would still be able to sell their homes. It wouldn't be like it was in 2008 when you woke up and couldn't sell your home for any reason."