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It seems that Florida is looking up vis-à-vis jobs and housing in particular and its economy in general.  The Florida Legislature now has the capacity to develop close to 9,000 jobs, rendering a staggering $900m for the 2012-13 fiscal year.  It will be able to do this by getting money from the state and local housing trust fund which often ends up in the category “general revenue” and pretty much gets lost.

Great Florida Housing à Great Florida Economy

The bottom line is that the more recovery there is on the Florida housing market, the better the entire state’s economy will fare.  If capital is taken from the housing trust fund, it can be used to renovate abandoned homes, which would give those working in the field of construction, jobs, and thus boost the economy. So it just makes sense to invest in the state’s real estate market.  Doing so will result in property value stabilization for everyone while supporting firms that deal in all sorts of construction areas (material provision; contractors; supervisors; workers and more. 

Ultimately, Florida needs its sales taxes to generate revenue and when funds set aside for housing are not used for this purpose, there is an increase in sales revenue, which results in a reduction of the state budget deficit.