Miami Condos: Park Outside Your Door!

We’re not quite up to the stage where our cars can fly, but thanks to a complex that is being constructed along Miami Beach’s waterfront, we can certainly get our cars pretty close to our living space.  The “Jetsons”-esque elevator will have the ability to send residents’ cars to the front doors of their high-rise condominiums.   This will be the first building ever to be constructed with such a feature.  So no matter how high up you are, you will be able to “park” your car right outside your property!

Called the Porsche Design Tower, this new venture is the result of a partnership between Gil Dezer, (a Miami property developer) and the Porsche Design Group.  In layman’s terms, this is basically an extremely large elevator that has a robotic arm which can go up the tower’s 57 stories at a 90-second clip, and offer great views of the city at the same time! 

But it certainly isn’t an opportunity for those with little money in the bank.  It is anticipated that each unit will sell for around $9million.