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Historically retirees have always found Florida a great place to lay their hats.  The weather is great, the culture and activity options are large and the lifestyle is very suited for the slower pace that comes with old age.  In fact, a recent study undertaken by WalletHub found that “Florida is 2017’s best state to retire to,” featuring better taxes, a large amount of theater options and museums, affordability, and excellent hospital and healthcare.

But now there is another reason and that comes from the response from Quadrum Global and DeAngelis Diamond to the housing shortage – the creation of a $95 million community (named Avida) slated for opening in fall 2018.

With this community comes everything a senior could need: independent living, assisted living and memory care units. Located in Southwest Florida – one of America’s fastest growing destinations for retires – the project will be at 7650 Gladiolus Drive, on a 32 acre site purchased by Quadrum in the summer of 2015.  The project is set to provide the elder generation with resort-style luxurious living, which is a demand that is increasing and will continue to escalate, over the next 10 years.  Given this fact, Quadrum’s Director of US Investments Seth Schumer said, this demographic will be among the company’s “core focuses” in America.

So this project just gives the 34% of people moving to Florida for retirement reasons, another reason for doing so.