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And now, no matter where you are, you can see what is going on in your home.  Go out for lunch, go to work, but still be able to keep track of the happenings in your home. This is already the case in Naples, Florida, where monitors are being put in into homes. One homeowner said she likes the new technology just to be able to keep an eye on things at home when she’s not there.


The new technology – called E-Monitor – employs the same idea as a car dashboard. People using it can track their doors being locked, energy efficiency and even let them turn lights on and off.  As a result, it is able to reduce energy bills by around a quarter.  While it is currently available for use in Florida, experts believe it will be nationwide and a $15bn industry within the next three years. Presently, the system costs $1,500 to install. But it’s great if someone immediately finds out that their appliance is not working properly. Co-owner of Your Home Watch Professionals, Bob Weiss, said, “we’re always afraid that when we leave and turn the key something is going to break so we're able to monitor that by knowing that 7-10 days out we won't have to worry as much because if it breaks in three days we get an email alert.”

New homes are to be built in the Lely Resort, which is located in Naples, Florida.  The company engaged in the building work is Stock Construction.  The residential units will comprise five floors plans which are named: Santa Ana, Santa Clarita, San Clemente, San Pablo and San Pablo B.  In each of them, there will be maximum natural light capacity as additional windows will be fitted.

Santa Ana

This property will comprise three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, living and dining areas, and a garage for two vehicles.  This will span 1733 sq. feet.

Santa Clarita

The building will be a town home with two floors, covering 1989 sq. feet, which will have two/three bedrooms, a half-bath, a side-loaded entrance, covered porch from the kitchen and a Juliette balcony off the guest suite.  Attached to the unit will be a garage suitable for two vehicles and two closets for storage.

San Clemente

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two lake-facing lanais, garage for two cars, large living area and altogether measure 1404 sq. feet.

San Pablo

This will span 1774 sq. feet and be on the second level.  It will comprise: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fancy kitchen, large front porch, a garage with the capacity for two vehicles.  San Pablo B will be the same.

All five new designs call for installation of more windows which leads to optimum natural light penetration.