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Brickell-FlatironA new high end condominium is being erected in Miami.  The project – the Brickell Flatiron – is being engineered by both Ugo Colombo, a developer in the region and Vladimir Doronin, of the Capital Group).  Located at Metromover tracks and the current ‘Flatiron Park,’ the uniqueness of this building will be in its height.  Altering the skyline of the region, the Miami Flat Iron Brickell will measure in at 750 feet, boasting 65 floors covering over 550 residences (each of approximately 1,250 sq.ft). The building will have two swimming pools (one rooftop), full gym and spa, two large penthouses, and quality retail stores and restaurants.  The building is being exquisitely designed by Luis Revuelta.

Further along the line it is hoped that a second tower – the Miami Flat Iron Brickell Building – will be erected at Brickell Plaza and Eighth Street, at a location under Doronin’s authority.

The project has taken on the Flatiron name in connection with the building boasting the same name in Manhattan, located at Fifth Avenue and Broadway.  Likewise, this project has a triangular shape, reminiscent of the historical clothing flatirons heated on stoves. This is unique to the region. Along with plans for the second building – at Brickell Plaza and Eighth Street – there will be 552 units and 40,000 sq. ft. of retail development.

According to designer Revuelta, it has not been so simple working with the triangular shape. He said, “it required studying a lot of options in order to get the highest efficiency for the parking and to see how it all interacted with the core.”

This project has actually been Colombo’s first large undertaking since the recession.  It will use materials that Colombo purchased on his recent trip back to his hometown in Italy, since as he admits himself, he likes to ‘get involved in the details.”  For those interested in purchasing, Colombo’s company the CMC Group Inc., will be taking a 20 percent deposit upon signing a contract, followed by 10 percent at groundbreaking, a further 10 percent at 18th floor pool level construction and 10 percent at top-off.  It is hoped that the project breaks ground by the end of the year, if not before.

The second building will be the next project engineered jointly by Doronin and Colombo.