Florida: Sustainable Housing

homesWhat kind of sustainable housing options are there in Florida?  Well, the “dome homes” that can be seen coming out of the Florida coast (that look a bit like they come from a cult) could have completely fitted into that category.  According to the project visionary’s grandson Lee, these were “totally self-sustaining.” When Bob Lee designed them they got their power from solar panels and had backup generators as well.  They are now seen as forward thinking and a design toward a more sustainable way of life.

Another potential in the state are the proposed “tiny houses,” a concept created by Rick Kearney with the idea of aiding the affordable housing plight common in Tallahassee. The concept he is proposing, is a $7.8 million concept he’s calling “The Dwellings.”  What this is though is a tiny house community that will have homes between 250 and 400 square feet on 30 acres next to Wolf Creek.  These will absolutely be sustainable, being built with shared areas and powered by solar panels.  There will be communal spaces which will have on-site community services, a community center, greenhouse and organic garden.

There is a lot of potential in Florida for sustainable housing.  And with Kearney’s new proposal, a lot of low income families’ problems could be solved.