Brevard Residential Campus

by Ricardo Mangual
by Ricardo Mangual

Special needs adults in the Brevard region will soon be able to apply for one of the 125 units at a new innovative residential campus. Conveniently located near the Hammock Landing shopping mall, Brevard’s Promise is intending on building three three-floor apartment buildings, together with a 13,000 sq. ft. clubhouse.

This initiative is a real dream come true for parents of now adult children with special needs. One of these such individuals is the organization’s own founder and executive director, Betsy Farmer, whose child Luke has Down Syndrome. The organization was founded by Betsy and Luke back in 2005. The project received $11.8m in federal low-income housing tax credits by the FHFC along with a further $3m developmental disability grant. In addition, the project received $1m from a state apartment-initiative loan program.

Similar packages were received last year for the construction of Jacksonville’s Arc Village and Noah’s Landing village for disabled people.

This is hopefully just the beginning. It is anticipated that the organization will launch a variety of businesses to give jobs to between 80 and 90 percent of its residents with special needs.