Monthly Archives: August 2017

A new rule is being put in place for those building in South Miami.  Any new residential construction that takes place in the area will be forced to install solar panels on the roof. When people do home renovations, some of them will also be subject to the new law that comes into effect September 18, 2017.

Other areas have already been subject to this law (or similar versions of it) in the state of California.  The rule is that every 1,00 square feet of roof will require 175 square feet of solar panels.  All multi-story residential buildings, as well as single-unit family residences and townhouses are subject to this rule. Vis-à-vis renovations, it is all of those which replace more than 75 percent of a residential structure or structure expansion by more than 75 percent.

The initiative has been commended by Florida International University biology professor, Mayor Philip Stoddard.  His own house runs on solar power which he has found decreases home ownership costs.  On a more global level, it provides house sellers with more selling points.  The reason it has to be done is because South Florida is potentially being wiped out by the sea level rise so if every rooftop harvests free sunlight, then they are doing their part.