Monthly Archives: July 2016

home-designNow is a good time to buy a Florida home.  Well, now rather than in six months’ from now as opposed to six months earlier.  It looks like house prices are going to be increasing and it seems that single family rental properties in Broward County have real investment potential.  Moving over to Miami-Dade however, the situation is not as good since despite the fact that there has been a jump in prices there, mortgages seem to have a higher risk. Investors are rather encouraged to look at Palm Beach County for retail or restaurants.  However in that region, there is a scope of empty properties which creates a swing vote in home prices.

Of course, home moves occur much more frequently during the summer months everywhere you go, so Florida is not singled out in that way.

The status of Florida housing is impacted greatly by the increase of baby boomers since many retirees move there.  Since there are approximately 2 million of these per annum, the situation of both risk and opportunities presents itself.

Then there is the home one chooses itself.  According to Bill Ennen, a custom builder at Fort Myers, there are many areas housebuyers should consider before making the purchase.  Too often people have a list that is simply not long enough:  it is so much more than the amount of bedrooms/bathrooms and location, he says.     The way they should do this he says is by looking at their lifestyle. For example, do they often entertain guests?  Do they need a formal space?  Do they need large bedrooms for extra beds?  Do they have small kids and need a garden?  Do they need a comfortable spot for just the two of them to chill, etc.

When you answer these questions you’ll see for example if you want the dining room to be separate from the kitchen as you might not want guests seeing you preparing food.  However, it should be noted that even in an open space situation where the two are connected, a wall can often be built.

Anyway the point is that when purchasing a home, lifestyle is an important issue to take on board.