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Potential Florida home buyers are being connected with in an effort to lead them to purchase their dream homes.  The company offers: foreclosures, short sales, rent to own and owner financing houses for sale by owner.  Overall, the goal of this group of real estate investors is that, personal credit shouldn’t have an impact on being able to become a homeowner, especially now since the huge amount of foreclosures and distressed properties has resulted in a surplus of homes for the market.

How it Works

This team is attempting to help average people own special, dream homes.  The obstacle that these individuals face is that they are being haunted by various financial problems.  So this group – that owns real properties – facilitates the process for them, so much so that it can actually become easier than renting in Florida. 

What happens is, banks and mortgage lenders have to follow set rules vis-à-vis loan approvals, but, doesn’t have to abide by such restrictions. Instead, they make their assessment on their own set criteria and are more able to “bend the rules” as it were.  Indeed, according to one senior investment property advisor there, Kevin Thompson, “people with bad credit are often turned down by banks and mortgage lenders, but exploring creative financing is one of the best ways to get in a home fast.  Many hard-working people want to own a home and deserve to be given the opportunity.”